Importing a Motorcycle from USA


I have been importing Harley’s from the United States for about 30 years
In that time there have been a lot of changes to the importing of motorcycles I have tried a lot of shipping firms most do a good job some better than others 

bikes for sale
Ultra Cycles – Groundpounder one we imported

If you buy from an importer be sure all paperwork is correct you should receive 1: Nova document with its number this is proof of tax and duties paid if you do not get this you will have to pay the tax and duties when applying for registration 2: US Title document (no title don’t buy) all bikes will come with some sort of title (clean/none repairable/salvage) off-road bikes do not come with a title but should have a bill of sale if there is no title with bike it probably came as a consignment of scrap bikes so there will not be any paperwork be careful these bikes are for parts or scrap metal.
in recent years I have used Copart they are not to bad as you can see what you are getting also you can visit there sales yards and view the bikes, it will mean a flight to the USA but it is well worth the cost so you can get a decent Harley that just needs a bit of work for a few grand plus shipping and tax, the rates below are current but may be subject to change


Taxes and Import Duty’s for Motorcycles from USA

If the Bike is less than 30 years of age, taxes are as follows;

6% Duty

25% Retaliatory Duty between the EC and USA

20% VAT